May 16, 2011
I just keep pretending,
That this is not the ending.
Your reasons I keep defending,
With rules that I keep bending.

Can’t you see this is all just a show?
And deep inside I don’t want to go.
But lately it’s been like a game,
Of who left who and who’s to blame.

I think for now I give up on love,
Because to look down and rise above,
This could be so easily solved,
But you and I somehow dissolved.

And I don’t think silence has ever hurt so much,
The haunting memory of you and your touch.
The words I said to you,
That you use however you want to.

I can’t take it back to what it used to be,
And I can’t undo giving up so easily.
I should have known you’d be everything I wanted,
And leaving you would leave me haunted.

With everything left up in the air,
And both of us pretending not to care.
I don’t want to play this game anymore,
I don’t want to be the one you ignore.

Wishing you would talk to me,
Wishing I could make you see.
Every scar he put on me,
And all the ways I felt unworthy.

You said you’d be in Dreamland always,
You’d keep it with you the rest of our days.
I hope you know I meant every word,
You put me together when I was shattered.

I think about you from time to time,
And how everything can turn on a dime.
I can never say exactly how I feel,
And I can never be sure that it’s real.

Playing someone is a form of art and believe me I was his masterpiece.
But even though he broke my heart, he still has a piece of me.

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