February 5, 2008
By Derrik Ricciuto, Candiac, ZZ

“Oh he’s so smart,” or “He’s so lucky,”
Whispers of envy I often hear.
But beneath the composure make no sense,
the only thing I know is fear.

I falter to hear when people say,
they wish they were me.
I wish that I were them,
only then, could I truly be free.

“What happened to him,” or “Where has he been?”
students wondered when they saw my empty seat.
I answer, “Nothing but a doctor’s appointment,”
their curiosity fulfilled, it is my cue to retreat.

Truth be told, this year’s been rough,
what with the headaches and surgery.
I’m sure they’d be less excited to live in my shoes,
after living just one day, from my point of view.

I cherish my life, although parts have been tough.
Sometimes my perspective gets blurry and I lose my way.
I sometimes can’t take it, and I yearn to scream, “Enough!”
Other times I wish I were stronger, made of unbreakable clay.

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