As We Walked

May 15, 2011
As We Walked
dancing over his golden hair.
The curls were bouncing like springs.
In the
Red wagon he rides.
Green trees whispering
To a cool breeze.
A father, daughter, and son
Simply walking along
Back when people never wronged.
Much can be said for a child’s innocence…

Bricks line the street,
Following my feet.
Inscribed for a memory,
Some in love,
Maybe some for those in Heaven above.
Laughter rings from swings
In grassy yards as Daddy and I pass in the early light
Of a summer’s night.

Now we can see
The stone man who stands tall,
The watch-guard of the city
Who oversees it all.
He sits in the heart of the city,
Which pulsed with bright lights and as alive
As bees in a hive.

We would get ice cream.
Sticky and sweet.
We would walk around the square
With our summertime treat.

The sun was setting quickly.
The shadows grew long.
The birds quieted their musical songs.
If we were lucky, the stars
Would shine,
With such light
And a glow so fine.

The street lamps were on, the moon had risen.
The sun was gone.
“But even though it goes away
It is beginning someone’s day,”
My father would say.

We begin to walk back
The cracked sidewalk
Covered in chalk
Felt warm underneath my bare feet.
We followed it back,
Back to my grandmother’s
pale butter-cream house.
And then sadly, no longer we could stay,
We had to go home
At the end of the day.

I watched the deep purple sky turn to black
And I knew another beautiful summer’s day
Has past.
No regrets however,
Even though I can never go back.

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