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The Tears That Fell From My Mother's Eyes

Walking in a straight line one behind another
Boys and girls dressed to impress
With smiles on their faces

Walking through the double doors
Listening to their theme song
Parents, family members, teachers, and friends watch in amazement
Tears slowly fall down mother’s faces
Screaming of brothers and sisters names
Flashes of bright lights coming from all directions
Hands clapping, feet stomping, blue and yellow decorations
surrounding the auditorium

As each student takes their seat in the front

Several of the finest students take their seat on stage
All of which were chosen to say one last special poem
One in which they worked hard to prepare
I my self was one of these finest students
With a poem that would blow each persons mind

A tall black man dressed in his favorite Sunday suit
Takes the mic in his right hand
All faces are fixed on him
He says a name, which happened to be mine

He talks about the poem I will be reciting while many thoughts are racing through my mind
This is my moment my time to shine
Getting up from my seat Oh why do they not know I’m shy
Hands shaking, butterflies are starting to arise

I can’t do this but there’s another voice coming from inside
As I open my mouth to speak my mind
My lips move but there is no sounds coming from inside
At least that’s what I thought
My parents, family and friends watch with shock of amazement
Sounds had come out my mouth loud and clear
As I recited line by line
Saying each word as powerful as I could
When there was nothing more to say
People started to stand they clapped their hands for me as I took my seat

Not knowing what just had happened to me
I can only remember one thing
The tears that fell from my mother’s eyes

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