Yet A Delusion

May 15, 2011
By SicklyRainbow BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
SicklyRainbow BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
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I feel the need to scream and yell
The words I do not dare to tell
Just release them, set them free
But the courage, yet, I cannot see

I feel insane, this is absurd
Stress caused by three small words
Let them pass through my chapped lips
Soak through my pores and fingertips

I feel senseless, crazy, mad
Thinking of what we once had
All the laughs, the tears, the fun
But alas all that is said and done

I feel alone, so far from you
Perhaps its time to face the truth
I rather go on than to utter a sound
Of what may break our endless bound

I feel that I no longer know
The difference between rain and snow
I've grown so numb, yet cannot speak
The words I know will set me free

I feel we will part once I do
Away to reality, one without you
Courage is in distant sight
To unravel the chains coiled so tight

I feel sad to know the end is near
I've been living far too long in fear
I never thought I'd see the day
I know now what I must say

I feel stronger, balanced, starting anew
And it was all because of you
These words I speak, laced with dread
I know now that You Are Dead.

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