One Month Old

February 5, 2008
Its been a month
that I have been with you.
Now that I’m with you
time has flew.

For the first time
In my life
Everything has gone

You have made everyday,
a brighter day.
All I wish is for
you to stay.

For the first time
I feel what it is to be loved.
Everyday I climb-in
deeper into your love.

When I see your eyes,
don’t want to say good-bye,
cause this will never die,
you are who I want for me.

And even-though we’re a mile away,
the smile in your face makes it a better day.

Everyday I make the choice
to hear your voice.
Though your voice is sweet,
your eyes are sweeter,
but most importantly your love is the sweetest.

Its like I’m in a new word,
my life to you I sold.
You mean everything to me in this world.

Everything is just so hard to explain,
its like an indescribable feeling.

All I can say is:

For the woman I will always love,
from the bottom of my heart.
I Love You Mom

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