An Envisage

February 5, 2008
By Lisa Echert, Shoreline, WA

I appear serene and prepared on the outside
But I raucous with apprehension on the inside
My last minute of freedom slows to a heartbeat
Would my dream come true?

The obscure sensation set off like fireworks
His presence forced me to step back as if I had been shot
The face of an angel staring through my stunned eyes
Would my dream come true?

“Come on” his soothing deep voice called out
I trail for I am captivated by his everything
The night is pitch black but my heart is as bright as the sun
Would my dream come true?

Warmth surrounds me when he reaches for my empty hand
I am paralyzed yet floating on top of the world
No disaster can hurt me for he is my protection
Part of my dream has come true

The stars yearn for our eyes to gaze up
Time has ceased and sighs of unbelief exhale from my trembling throat
His smile, as perfect as the glistening stars above
Did my dream come true?


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