Ode to Bedlam

May 10, 2011
Inside this world;
Fights are consider to be insanity,
Losing self control,
And wanting to hurt each other,
Within outrage of themselves.
In many breaks of anger,

As brawls against bullies occurs.
With bedlam breaking out.
As doing the opposite of the right thing.
Instead of going berserk,
Just walk away,
Aldo you don't want to lose it, Or you'll get it.
As to lose self control,
And going in outrage,
Yet a person can make you lose your mind.

As anger will break two friends apart,
Yet to bring even greater difficulties.
In many ways,
People can destroy each other,
Some would just attack who annoies that person,
Some would defend their friends from another,
Yet some would not meant to hurt another.

Aldo when friends begin to fight,
They forget!
They forget as the brawl steps into their minds,
Their focuses begins to fight each other,
As the minds pondered they see what's going on,
As bedlam walks out of their mind,
The victories wouldn't brag about what happen,
As the victories feel terrible in the end.
As it seems people in rage towards breaking convictions,
Yet so insanity goes to bedlam
Whenever rage occurs,
A person would always go berserk.

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