Beauty and Deceit

May 10, 2011
Staring out her window,
With her hair all in her face,
She saw with a blind eye,
Her surroundings,
From top to base:
The grass all dead and brown,
Reminded her of the inset frown,
Scowling at her reflection.
That reflection made her cry.

Peering out her window,
Tears covering her face,
She saw with her blurry eyes,
The heedlessness of grace:
The petals fallen upon the ground,
Stepped on, smashed; their beauty never to be found,
Reminded her of the reflection.
Reminded her of her own reflection.
Reminded her of what reflection,
Had gone and made her cry.

Gazing out her window,
Her lips quivering, breathing a sigh,
She saw with two wet, wide eyes,
The world about her,
Breathing; fall and rise.
The wind shook the dark brown leaves.
Watching one as it fell with ease,
She was reminded of everything;
Of all the pain that the reflection would bring…
Of all the pain that her reflection did bring.

Looking out her window,
Her body shaking with reverent cries,
She saw with her dried up eyes,
The darkness in all the lies.
The clouds gathering overhead;
The thunder booming, spreading dread,
Reminded her of the face,
Who laughed at her with disgrace.
And haunted her every pace,
Never giving up,
Never letting go.
Never letting this poor girl,
Find her her inner beauty, enough to let it show.

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