you'll never change

February 5, 2008
Sometimes I wonder what goes on in his head
and if he'll ever grow up to see how frivolous all of this is.
Those are the same days I also wonder why I waste my time congesting my head with nonsense
that will only lead me to the dissolution of my mind.
I will always be reluctant to you and I will always miss you
and I will always reminisce upon the uninstructed memories I have of falling asleep on your lap.
I remember I was a bit too old, but I didn't mind,
nor did I even think to take into consideration the fact that it would be a provisional feeling.
It felt right and I felt secure,
but maybe it felt like that because somehow I knew
that I would never again be provided with the opportunity to be absorbed in thoughtfulness
while wrapped in your arms
and falling asleep to the sound of food digesting in your stomach,
mixed with the constant beating of your heart.

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