Mother please?

May 10, 2011
By , Oregon, OH
Could you maybe
for once
listen to what I have to say?
Just once?
I can't handle all of this anymore.
I'm fifteen,
you expect me to act like I'm an adult
You don't give me any freedoms
For all the things I do for you
I get nothing in return
I love you, I really do
But come on mother...
let me know you love me too
Let me know that you're not just using me..
Because if I'm just here for you to use
To boast to
To go to for help
To expect all these things from
And I get nothing in return
Then I see why people turn to drugs
Why people start drinking
going to parties they shouldn't
Sneaking out
I can relate, if all I am to you is a tool
I love you, I do,
But mother...
I'm pretty sure it's been one sided
Since I was old enough to ask why

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