A Kiss Under the Stars

May 18, 2011
By CalliJoy SILVER, East Jordan, Michigan
CalliJoy SILVER, East Jordan, Michigan
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We stand in the blackness of the night.
The stars gleaming like firelight.
No moment has ever felt so right.
I breathe in the darkness without a fright.

I feel your hands on my sides.
On my face I sense your eyes.
How nice it is to be outside.
A time we don’t have to hide.

My breath catches as you pull me close.
I certainly do not appose.
I feel lucky I’m the one you chose.
The hidden wind around us blows.

You lean down and give me a kiss.
A perfect moment I’d hate to miss.
My mind is frozen in utter bliss.
In your arms nothing is amiss.

Down from the stars falls the rain.
We don’t go inside and use our brain.
Some would say we’re kind of insane.
Instead I tangle my fingers in your mane.

I kiss you under the stars.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece while remembering a wonderful night with my boyfriend, as we were saying goodbye...

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