may 13th

May 18, 2011
By KyDee BRONZE, Corona, California
KyDee BRONZE, Corona, California
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May 13th
My emotions ran high when I discovered the news, tears poured down my face as I sat in disbelief, women of so much strength so much pride, gone. Our family hearts been torn as we said goodbye, I never thought the day would come, when I would see you leave, your smile is still so vivid in my memory, your laughter is loud and clear in my ears as if your still hear. Everyone’s trying to cope trying to find peace, yet its so hard. your free from pain, your free from suffering yet we still mourn, your presence is now gone, although we each live with a guilt of maybe we could have done something sooner, maybe it wouldn’t have gotten this far, maybe the love we had for you could have possibly saved you. But God had other plans, he seen your pain, he heard our prayers so he took you home, that bitter sweet May 13th.

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