Am I Selfish

May 17, 2011
Am I selfish,
The air I breathe, it’s not mine, yet I take it.
Crazy isn’t it? That would be considered selfish, if it wasn’t something so innocent such as air.

Am I selfish,


Is it a crime to think for yourself every once in a while?
Is it wrong?


If you think about it, selfishness revolves around the choices you make, good or bad. Being selfish isn’t always a bad thing.
I once thought selfishness was only bad, but in fact selfishness can bring you happiness and the ability to survive.

Selfishness is like a remedy in a way.
Too much of it and your life will not play out the way you want it to. Too little of it and you will end up getting hurt.
But when you have just the right amount, you’ll be just fine

I am selfish.

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