May 17, 2011
Goodbye is very hard to say
it nearly breaks your heart,
you get so close with someone
and then you're torn apart,
we know that life's not easy
God never said it was,
He only promised it'd be worth it
if we served Him with our hearts,
things are changing, yes it's true,
and we feel like there's nothing we can do,
but through it all though all seems lost
God will help us through,
no matter where life takes us
or how far apart we are,
it'll never change the bond we've made
friends forever never fade,
when I think about our friendship
and what we truly are,
we're not just friends we're family
it was destined from the start,
so when we're forced to say goodbye
with tears sliding down our faces,
don't forget that in our hearts
we all hold special places.

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