May 17, 2011
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Everytime that you
Get upset with me
You start cussing me out
I don’t deserve that.

Whenever I get mad at you
I don’t do that to you
So why do you always do that
To me?

I’ve tried my best to
Be there for you and
To give you everything that
You need or ask for

But its starting to look
Like you will never change
Not even for me and
Not even for yourself

Why do I continue to put
Myself through all of
These things with you when
You always do this to me?

My heart cant take much
More of this treatment
Why don’t you just leave me so
my heart will stop hurting like this

but the thing is that I don’t
want you to leave me
my heart wont let me let
you go

I love you too much to
Give up on you
I refuse to be like all of
Those other people in your life

That have given up on you.
Cause I love you with all
Of my heart.
I love you baby.

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