Grandpas Ranch

May 17, 2011
Among the grass covered hills, the only thing you could hear was the trot

of a lone horse.

A Little house, among the hills, laid two sleepy dogs.

Copper twists in the autumn winds, just another part of the ranch.

A man and his ranch are one, as the woman strives for his happiness.

I do not know which I prefer, the view of the lake, or the beauty of the land.

The rain trickles down the window pane, as the humming bird searches for flowers.

Taking long walks over the cattle guard, and down the long drive, lead to many family memories.

Two weeks spent exploring every corner of the property, the man calls his own.

The cat sits upon the fence searching for a tasty treat.

The red-tailed hawk circles; surveying for its next home.

The man makes his daily trip down to his favorite spot to feed the fish.

The trees are swaying in the winter breeze while critters scurry to find a place for cover.

As the evening comes, the sun begins to set, and the man and the women say good night. There is no place my family would rather be.

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