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May 17, 2011
By MadiH. BRONZE, Spring, Texas
MadiH. BRONZE, Spring, Texas
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The man who does not read but can has no advantage over the man that cannot.

Could I be more than me?
Could i see beyond what is to what they see?
Could I become something better?
Something more?
Could I fall in love with someone who's worth fighting for?
Why try?
Why fail?
Could I be... more?
The answer is in me, searching for a cure.
I am more.
More then this life I've been seeking, more than the constant trouble it is bringing.
I am more, for I am Me.
A Me is a person, a somebody.
I am more with myself alone, taking out the garbage and flying solo.
WE are more.

The author's comments:
My inspiration was middle school life. I think its probably the worst time, just because everyone is coming into themselves and trying to hold their own. I wrote this when my life was at a low point, because I knew that I could be more, but I chose to conform to what everyone else thought. To be more, you can simply add less. Be yourself, regardless of the consequences and live your life the way YOU think it best, not the way someone wants you to. Wear what you want and just rock out to who you are. Rejoice in the fact that you CAN become more in this country and never settle for less that the true value of things. Remember YOU matter and love yourself with all the flaws you see, because you are BEAUTIFUL.

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