A Day in The Williamson Household

May 17, 2011
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I wake up to the blaring alarm clock.
Rolling out of bed, I take a shower.
It’s cold so mom’s yelling for a warm fire.
Grumbling, I grab some pieces of wood.
In no time I have a fire roaring.
I wake up my three red-headed brothers,
And we go feed our tired animals.
Warm brown pancakes just got off the griddle,
As we shrug off our cold winter clothing.
Thanking mom, we leave the table to get,
Ready for another day of school.
We run to catch the bus because it is,
Morning in the Williamson household!

School goes by too quickly for my mind.
Before I know it, the yellow bus is
Ready to bring me back to my cozy house.
Mom has some chores for us to do tonight.
After I’m done, I go to my uncles,
To get his vans ready for the next day.
I do homework before I go to bed.
Walking into my own personal room,
I climb into my bed because it is,
Evening in the Williamson household.

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