This is what I know

May 17, 2011
By Anonymous

I believe in second chances, and I believe in love

I believe in peace and hope

I believe in the good of man and I believe in God

Yet I doubt the persistency of these actions

For never do we show

The peace we have for one another

Or the hope that we can and will grow

I don’t believe in honesty, for never can we tell

Lies can kill or save and that is just as well

I don’t believe in beauty

God should have made us all the same

No one is prettier than another

We should all look just as plain
I believe in freedom, for it is
all that is fair

We should all be treated equally and no one should care

I believe in death, for it is very real

I believe in the aftermath of the loss

I know the pain everyone feels

I don’t believe in sanity

It isn’t an object one can own

Not a single soul is sane in this cruel world

We all live in craziness as one

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