Ode to Heartbrek

May 17, 2011
By whiter BRONZE, Marengo, Iowa
whiter BRONZE, Marengo, Iowa
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I sit in the darkened silence of my room,
My mind is racing going over and over my gloom,
Tears flow… anger wells…
My heart is broken while everyone tells,
Nothing makes it better, it only gets worse,
I stand fist clenched as I curse,
Still I calm and miss her embrace,
So many hours spent in loves cruel race,
How can a best friend betray me this way?
I ask the silence, it has nothing to say!
I can only ignore the problems we have had for so long,
Wishing I would have talked to her and listened to our song.
Why do I care so much?
She does not, just wished me luck.
Longing, living, dying inside,
So I sit here, lonely, just wanting to hide,
She could not live without me, could she?
I ponder life with her, without her, now that I am free,
Maybe I can make it; I can tempt fate again,
Maybe she will see me, I can convince her, but when?
The argument in my mind continues, again and again,
See her, yes, see her, no, see her now, see her when?
Finally sleep comes in the darkness of my mind,
Now dreams enfold me, there is nowhere to hide,
Flashing of her smiling face, her perfume, her sweet lips, her rage,
I reach for her, she’s out of reach, I am in a cage.
I wake to say, “I will hide my tears”,
My loneliness, my sadness, my rage, my fears…
For now I walk to class once more,
She is sitting there, she sees me, I see her, class begins, behind the door…

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