May 17, 2011
By demetriabrooks BRONZE, Hayward, California
demetriabrooks BRONZE, Hayward, California
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What you heard is true
Men will try and try to
Hurt you

Grab you behind a building
Spread your legs and molest you

All the witness have seen nothing
Or its their a**** over you

Try going from preacher kid
To people throwing things at you

Telling you, you’re a liar
But his word stays in you

“I know you been wanting me you s***”
All the while feeling his dirty nail piercing my butt

Begging and pleading tunes out
Drifting away from the old you

His vigorous motion against your pelvis keeps your
Heart beat alive, which idles you

Hoping this is a nightmare
But the knife to your neck keeps you,

In bad dreams
Real people

Making this a reality
Just unseen

Unseen to girls who’s barely a teen
Ignorant you

You give him 2-3
With me a lifetime of uncertainties

Humans with that Extra piece between their legs
Are all I see when I look at the jury

Forced to relive the vivid horror
Detail by detail, you

See me struggling to answer the bashful
And hurtful Questions like
“did you lead him on”?
so that my testimony would make since to you

My mother and grandmother moving to the edge of their seat
At every verb I utter seeming to be a surreal this happen to their little girl yet you

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