I Want

May 17, 2011
By Bliss29 BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
Bliss29 BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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I want to laugh with the jolly giant
Ride on top of an airplane to Neverland
I want to swim in a pool of Baskin Robin’s 31 flavors
and cup the sun in my hands.
I want to be the stalking wolf in the brush
The singing bird on the Lily branch
I want to run with the night and catch the dawn
Cast spells with the autumn witch
I want to take all the candy from the baby
and dance around the fire with Indians.
I want to be the nightmare that haunts your dreams
and the monster in your closet.
I want to blanket the world like night
and howl at the pale-faced moon.
I want to be the ray of sunshine in your window
and to clutch the summer air like a lover.
I want to rip the stars from the sky
Be the pebble that stars an avalanche
and that twinkle in your eye.
I want to be the silent prayer that leaves your lips
The crystallized mirror that shows no lies
I want to be my own knight in shining armor
and ride off into the sunset.
I want to go mad with lunatics
I want the unattainable
and all I want is you.

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