Smell the Hard Work

February 5, 2008
By Sarah Lee, Congers, NY

The hard work
The strenuous effort
What smell does it produce?
Smells nasty and gross
A pernicious odor coming off of liquid
Droplets dripping down the face
Gathering under the arm
And behind the leg
But smell again
Clearly not enough
Because arduous sweat smells different
It has a unique smell
A smell of glory
A beautiful fragrance
Like that of a flower,
After it grows tall and beautiful,
It produces an attractive smell
The smell of the hard work
Mothers have this smell
Fathers have this smell
Those who work hard
For their children or family
Has this certain smell
A smell that’s so rewarding
A smell of pure delight
Students working hard
To become successful
Also have a certain smell
The smell of determination
So work hard to produce this wonderful smell
And attract others to do the same
Because those who take the short cut,
Carry that awful, nasty, pernicious odor of sweat

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