February 5, 2008
Traped in a box
I can't see who watchin
but i know that they there
The walls are closing in
The roof is cavin
I don't know want to do
I'm traped
someone come help me
air is low
how much time do i have left
It feel like every one is watchin
but no one helps.
I feel likea cage bird,
The walls are closin in
and the roof is comin down
Then they stop
everything paused
Then i hear one voice
at once a million more follow sayin
don't do this,
watch your back,
you won't make it,
you need to do betta,
help me move this work,
i love you/i hate you,
I can't process
too much too little time
Stop!stop! Everything STOP!
PLz Stop
Go away plz!
I covered my ears
It didn't work
then i look down and cry
I cry cuz i stand alone
in thisbox
I can see and hear people
but i still feel like i'm alone
I scream help I'll be here
alone in this box

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