What You Do To Me

May 16, 2011
By Anonymous

You made me cry so much,
you could use my tears
to water thousands of plants.
You say you are sorry,
but if you really were,
you would do more than say sorry.
You would get down on your knees
and beg for my forgiveness.
You would run thousands of miles
just to say it to my face.

Now all you do is look at me,
then walk away like I'm nothing.
All I smell is you,
everything I see reminds me
of you in some way.
It makes me sad knowing
I'm nothing to you.
When I hear your name
it makes me cry.
When I see your face it kills me.
It just makes me the saddest person
to think about you and
how you don't feel anything
like I do for you.

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