Good, Surpassing words

February 4, 2008
Once my teacher told me
To use vocabulary
And take it up a notch,
And not use words like “watch.”

Instead, use scan and scope
Or scrutinize, concentrate,
And words like mark and mind and note
And some weird ones like contemplate!

My teacher sucks, and I don’t see why
She has to make me miserable
I have to think of extra words
‘Cause she thinks they’re “preferable.”

I like the words “good, bad, and small”
“Big” and “cold” are decent.
I don’t see why I can’t write
“New” Instead o’ “recent”

Oh, thesaurus, thesaurus, you are a life-saver,
I worship you in every way.
I suppose you would demand some favor,
But for you, I have another pay.

I will just use you everyday!

This will make my teacher happy.
Oh, shoot. I hope she doesn’t get too sappy!

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