Can't Save Yesterday

February 3, 2008
She feels the light fading away
She'll do anything to make him stay
She runs through the streets in the pouring rain
Searching for the end to his misery and pain

She'll do any litle thing to make him smile
But the small flash of happiness only lasts a while
Like the stars in the sky, he'll fade away
And she'll be alone till her dying day

She can't live without him; she won't last
To many hurtful memories from a tragic past
To many painful thoughts trouble her mind
She won't find one like him; so caring and kind

She searches for the answer so quickly
The sad look in his eyes gets more sickly
Se posses the key to his tearing heart
But what good is a key with a missing part

So many happy memories broken and battered
So many pieces of his heart slowly shattered
The antidote to his sickness, to call her his own
A wish never filled; a love never shown

But she'll wipe away every tear he'll shed
Clear every troubled throught from his weary head
She can't keep things perfect; she'll only try
At least when hes gone, she won't wonder why

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