February 3, 2008
By Corie Rice, Mendota Heights, MN

I'm somewhere far away,
where I always knew I'd go.
Where a different scent rolls in,
every time the moist wind blows.
It's somewhere far across the ocean,
and deep into the trees.
With ponds of sparkling water,
full of rustling lilly reeds.
I sink into the moss,
and live without a care.
Following footsteps in the sand,
just to see what put them there.
I jump into the water,
and leap up toward the sky.
I'm sure the birds would be my friends,
if I could learn to fly.
After a day of wonder,
that I know was made for me,
I close my eyes and welcome sleep,
under the jungle canopy.
When I wake up in bed,
and see it wasn't what it seemed.
I make i silent wish,
that next time it won't be a dream.

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