Beauty of Waiting

April 4, 2011
Sitting in silence and solitude,
Staring at the sky.
Swaying trees,
Beautiful plants surrounding her body.
As she lies amongst the embellished grass,
It takes her character.
Her eyes wander
In this exquisite scenery to see what surrounds.
She sees nothing
But nature and elegance around.
So she closes her eyes,
Only to envision this beautiful place.
Hearing the sweet sound.
Feeling the wind blow through her hair
And whisper in her ear.
The trees constantly
Releasing their colorful offspring.
The plants continuously flaunting
Their magnificent beauty.
The grass allowing their mist
To fill the back of her clothes.
She’s just a child,
Waiting in an open field,
Envisioning a tall, dark, strong
Man to come for her.
He swoops the young girl up.
This precious, light-skinned girl
Awaits the time of her life.
Looking at the scenery,
She realizes the beauty of it all.
She realizes the beauty of the field
And the beauty of waiting.
The forced patience
Is no longer punishment,
But more of a reward.
The view has made waiting
A less painful experience.

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