April 4, 2011
By Anonymous

The smell of a previous smoker in your clothes
The look of pain on the surface of your eyes
The sound of disastrous struggle in your voice
The feel of your heart stopping in my presence
The taste of death lying on your tongue
Why are you going through this?
Why has He chosen this disease?
Why are you dealing with this so young?
Why do I picture this every night?
Why do I keep saying everything’s fine?
I want to know the truth behind your
I see how hard it is for you to be here
I can only imagine what you’re thinking
I still don’t understand how you keep a smile
I wish it weren’t you dying in front of me
Where is the place you love to go?
Where do you go to just get away?
Where did you first find yourself?
Where did the pain begin?
Where is the place I’ll see you again?
Home is where I’ll feel safe with you
Home is the only place you want to be
Home is not just an apartment or a house
Home is the place with the most loving Father
Home is where you’re headed very soon
Remember when we’d lay beside each other?
Remember when you taught me all those lessons?
Remember when we fought over stupid stuff?
Remember when I told you that I’ll always have love for you?
Remember when I told you that you’re always in my heart?
Forget the times I said I hated you
Forget when we ignored each other
Forget how many times you left me
Forget the packs of cigarettes you bought
Forget what happens in the end
How should I deal with this?
How will I just go on with life?
How will the family take this pain?
How do you just up and leave?
How far can I possibly get without you?

The author's comments:
Just a reflective poem.

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