April 4, 2011
By Anonymous

It’s a nightly routine.
I get a kiss goodnight before every dream.
I stay awake just to see his face.
Through the day, it’s nothing between us except space.
He brings the biggest smile during the day.
Even when he’s annoying, I still don’t want him too far away.
He’s there for me, day and night.
He knows how to calm me down after a fight.
So tonight, I lie awake, waiting for my door to fly open
Waiting to see his bright eyes, shining like a brand new Chuck E. Cheese token.
I wait, wait, and wait some more.
Still he hasn’t walked through my door.
I can’t help but think that the worst has happened to him.
I can’t help but think that he’s lying under the street light that’s dim.
Calling constantly, just hoping I get lucky and he picks up his phone.
I just want him safe with the family where he belongs.
Gun shots roaring through the skies of the dark.
People running, and jumping, and screaming like it’s an amusement park.
Me and Momma run out to see the big scene.
We arrive there only to see blood flowing like a stream.
The absolute worst sight to see
Is a loved one, lying dead in the street.
Tears come as quickly as possible to the surface.
They start to fall down crazily like clowns at a circus.
Constantly asking, How’d this happen? Why him? Why me?
I keep looking around, wondering who’s all here to see.
I see Momma devastated and awestruck at the situation.
He was so close, Momma said, to his final destination.
Startled by a kiss upon my cheek, my eyes flickered open.
Smelling the horrible, yet sweet smell of someone who was smoking.
As I look up, I see the boy I love looking down on me.
He seems as if he has been out all day and is tired and weary.
Sweat pouring down my face as he asks What’s wrong?
I calmly reply with a small smile, Nothing just glad you’re not gone.
He smiles back and says Goodnight, I love you.
All I can do is thank God and reply, I love you too!

The author's comments:
I had a dream about my brother the night before I wrote this poem.

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