Golden Slumbers

February 4, 2008
By Ritah Chumdermpadetsuk, Bangkok, ZZ

Every night, I ride my chariot across the sky,
And do my queen's bidding.
Her face looks beautiful in the moonlight,
When the sun doesn't shine.
I, her subject, veil the sky.

When day breaks, Sun King again reigns,
Bringing light to all yonder,
Stealing sleep from children's eyes.

The Sun and Moon,
Two siblings born to the sea, reign side by side,
For one alone is not enough.
We need both together:
Winter, summer, moon and sun.
That or there's none.

But, O, what good is daylight when it reveals,
All the horrors of the world.
Dying love and growing hate is all one gets
From Sun King's embrace.
She, Moon Queen, hides all that's bad and tells you something true:
That dreamers need never fear.

And so the world divides, as do Brother and Sister
And so the stars weep, as small children without both parents do.
At night, I often cry as I beg on my bended knees,
For the harmony I took for granted,

Waiting for Brother and Sister to reunite,
Never to be parted again,
Waiting for children to sing as happy tears are shed,
When two halves again merge
To form a delicious whole.

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