Here i am

February 4, 2008
By Ashley benavides, Weston, FL

Here i am
a picture in a book,
let's open the pages
and take a look.

I Take pride in my body
in my eyes im immaculate
i am me. that's all i can be

My long black hair is
volumous and lively
no need for extentions.

Almond shaped hazel eyes
illuminate my face for
contacts are over-rated.

My lips don't need botox
heart-shaped and full as
the moon.

Olive skin soft and silky
and glowing who needs a
phony spray tan?

Why would i ever want to be
like the majority
blending into the crowd.

My hourglass figure
isn't in need of lypo.

I might be flat as a board
but what God gave me is

My picture is a master piece
like the Mona Lisa i shine.

My confidence is intiminating.
I love myself
I respect myself
No silicone or plastic needed
to put a smile on this face.
THIS is me
and that is all i can be.

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