Saying Good-bye to Friendship

May 13, 2011
By KrazyGurl SILVER, Holyoke, Massachusetts
KrazyGurl SILVER, Holyoke, Massachusetts
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" you must let go off your past in order to have a future"

Looking Up to the skies
with tears in my eyes
i think of all the signs
of all the good times
for a simple mistake
my soul you break
For a single slip
my heart you acid dip
you say i don't care
But does words i cant bare
friendship is life
which you staved with a knife
my Life i would give for you
when yours is over due
all this hurt broke me apart
coldness set upon my heart
a 2nd chance is all i ask
and you guys will have a blast
no more back talking no more lies
because the center of this relationship would die
so i don't want to say good bye

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