….Love Poem….

February 4, 2008
By jonathan salas, Irving, TX

Roses are Red Violet are Blue,
You say you love me but nothing is true,
When you try to lie when I know it is not true,
Even though you think it is all fun and games until I say I love you too,
Then all you say is all I wanted is you,
But that is all I wanted when I met you,
Until I asked you in a text message,
Well we write back in forth when I asked you if you loved me,
But then I try to tell you I love you but too scared to tell you,
When I tell my friends all about you,
All they tell me is to go talk to you,
But as I try to call you or see you when I can,
You are always busy and all I can say is Hi,
Then all you can say is mmmm Hi,
All I can say about you is that you are beautiful sweet and out going,
In at the end we are together and you will be my love,
What I am trying to say is I LOVE YOU,

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