February 4, 2008
By Dalal Al Mohanna, Kuwait, ZZ

Wrong wrong
Big mistake
You stole my heart
But it won't break

Yes you lied
Yes you cheated
My teeth grind
I'm not defeated

There you stand
In front of me
A different man
Is what I see

Around the room
Flames go dancing
Out of fear
I see you glancing

Yes my love
I will hurt you
After all
You hurt me too

I'll take the halo
Off my head
To show you where
Your lies have led

I'll make you suffer
I'll show you pain
Words you utter
Prove you're insane

Leaving you
Would do it all
I'm gone forever
And I won't fall

Like cold liquid
I cascade
From a two-faced bastard
That foolishly behaved

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