Path of Mine

February 4, 2008
By Alyson Dunn, Reno, NV

As I walk down this path of mine I begin to think. What?
What is a world with no distruction only peace? Is it what we breath,think,say,or do? Well let me say that there is no world with out distruction. The world is full of every kind of hate there is. But the only place of peace is within our selves. Is this true or not?
Only you can say for sure. For when I offer you my had to come with me to a place of peace and happieness only you will have the final say in it.
for when you are given the opertunity of happiness you should take it by the leash an make it you happiness. Do not follow down my path with out me but rather with me.
Why not? for this may be you only chance to do so.

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