February 4, 2008
I look upon the water
Or rather the creature that stand tall in it
His legs a gray mystery
Look as if a gust of wind would snap them

The blue heron and I share a glance
He tells my story through his eyes
But I don’t believe
It flies away

Left behind is but a lonely ripple
In the center I see something
I look closer
All there is is me

I’m eight years old
The smoke from the candles linger
I go to my room, sit in my chair
Do all I can
To avoid the mirrors evil stare
All there is is me

Im fourteen years old
My girlfriend needs me
More now than ever
I back out and flee
All there is is me

I’m fifteen years old now
This is the reason I am here
I drank and I Drank
Every last beer
All there is is me

Fourty seven years later I sit in this spot
I drank and I drank
Every last drop
I still sit here
Bidding my time
Or perhaps wasting
Drinking their wine
All there is is me

The heron returns
One last time
He offers his company
In the sky
I refuse one last time
Lay down and die

I’m sixty two years old
Dead on the ground
I look for mourners
None to be found
I look closer how could it be
I’m dead on the ground

All there is is me…

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