February 4, 2008
Your eyes are just opened,
Your skin is untouched.
Let me show you around
I’ll cradle you tight in my clutch.
Where am I now?
You’re the first sight I see.
I’ll let you show me around,
As I grow older, come with me.

You just said your first word.
Just took your first step,
Now you are almost two years,
Has my baby already left?
When I stumble you pick me up,
When I cry you wipe my tears.
You’ve never turned your back,
With you I have no fears.

Today’s your first day at school,
Soon you’ll make a friend.
For you it’s the beginning,
For me it is the end.
Now that I’m in school
There’s so many kids to meet,
So many words to learn,
But still your love is my retreat.

Now you’re starting sixth grade,
I see you changing everyday.
You’re a young woman now,
Wanting to find your own way.
School is so confusing.
The drama is absurd!
I can’t do it alone,
Let me hear your wise words.

Your last year in middle school,
It’ll be hard to say goodbye.
You know I’m here for you,
As you dread the coming July.
Eighth grade is pretty crazy,
My emotions are a mess.
But through my good days and bad,
You’re there nonetheless.

We packed in the east,
And unpacked in the west.
Flew on a one way ticket,
Said goodbye to the best.
I miss the trees and rain and snow.
All these beaches and warm weather,
My old life now has passed.
At least it’s you and me together.

Now your high school days are gone,
And you packed your bags for college.
I gave you the best I could,
But you’re off to gain more knowledge.

You’ve held my hand for eighteen years,
Without you where would I be?
But it’s time for me to fly,
One final thanks for raising me.

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