love so deep

May 12, 2011
By roxy13 BRONZE, Wellford 1, South Carolina
roxy13 BRONZE, Wellford 1, South Carolina
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"Time goes by a lot slower when you miss the one you love"- Anonymous

the day we first met
that moment so long ago
how the years have passed
since we were twelve or so

that very same day
i knew you would be mine
the only thing i had to do
was just give it some time

who couldve known
it wouldve taken so long
for you to come around
and find your real home

and so over these years
weve become pretty close friends
and i know you'll be there
for me until the very end

but our friendship grew stronger
as most friendships do
and the feelings went deeper
inside both me and you

like Romeo and Juliet
except our love is not forbidden
it is all out in the open
we don't have to keep it hidden

and though this story
has really only begun
it seems like such a long while
has passed, yet we're still not done

and even the angels envy us
our love that runs so deep
the heart you stole from my chest
and yours i wish to keep

the Fates have decided
to intertwine our threads
no one knows when theyll be cut
but at least we'll meet the same end

forever and always
our love will shine
as bright as the sun
that hangs in the sky.

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