On Three

February 4, 2008
“Okay, so we go on three?”
“Yea, okay. Ready…”
Wind blows
Trees shake
Leaves fall to the ground.
“One, two, three, jump? Or one, two, jump?”
“The first one, okay? Now let’s go!”
The wind picks up again—
Shaking, we wipe our sweaty palms
on our ratty jeans
and grab each other’s hands once more.

Run back
Don’t think.
Run forward
Just do it.

Our trust stays true.
Together, we soar through the air
Legs straight
Arms flailing
Knees bent
Come crashing
towards broken pavement and melting tar.
Feet, knees, hands collide
with hard and cracking gravel.
Feet, knees, hands bleeding.

It’s all over now.

Reality hits us again,
only gentler this time.

We turn our heads,
Smile at each other,
Crack up
Stand up
Look up
at the rooftop from which we just came

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