Mt Cat Peco

May 12, 2011
By Miles Eldred BRONZE, Austin, Texas
Miles Eldred BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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Whining to get outside, sitting by the door hinge,
with her lovely fur the color of orange.
She has three different colors, which is a calico,
this is my cat Peco.

Kicking and scratching and hissing and biting while being attacked like in a TV show,
she is being sat on by my dog Queso.
She runs away from Queso and jumps on her
climbing pole, or she runs straight at her and bites out her fur.

Peco is a beautiful young cat that sits in your lap,
and sometimes might even take a nap.
She goes under your blanket as if to hide,
and lays right next to you and pushes against your side.

Peco can also be very annoying,
when she walks around at night meowing.
Or she lays on your stomach to bite
your nose, even though it’s in the middle of the night.

Also she has a messed up tail that looks like it needs to be fixed,
it looks like it’s broken but it’s ok it’s genetics.
And all of this is why I love my cat so.
This is my beautiful cat, Peco

The author's comments:
My cat inspired me

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