Mr. basketball

May 12, 2011
By Deelow BRONZE, Springfield, Illinois
Deelow BRONZE, Springfield, Illinois
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Cross left step back pump fake
shot it’s good.

He looks like Jordan out there with

He’s Jordan, look like him with his long arms, is going over the rim.

Once again he goes
behind the back crossover
take off from the
free throw lin bam! It’s good.

His moves are smoother
than a baby’s bottoms

His jersey is dripping wet from the hard work
he put in now its
all down to the last
He so tired he looks like a 80 year old man after running.
His god,looks like him when he jump, over people.
The crowed is going wild they are yellling mvp and he crossover pull up shot is good!(Mr. basketball wins the game for them.)

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