February 4, 2008
Today I woke
Poison was there
He yelled
Screams and courses at me
Words of hate
But yet telling me it loves

They are what I listen to
They tell of hate
I don’t deserve this
Only the wicked and killers do
But am I that

Not a morning,
or day,
or even night
have I escaped the wrath
That brings me to tears

Of hate and anger
Why must he give me such poisons?
Maybe because he cannot handle them
Maybe not

I am his biggest mistake
He tells me I’m the glue
To what

To my family
Because of me
His mistake
There are two others in the world

There is a family
I was not meant to be yet
So does that mean this family was not meant to be?

Who knows?
I love his two creations
I would die for them
I would not die for him
He is a monster
His cave is where I live
Being there with him
A bad dream that you can’t wake up from

The pain is felt
No bad dream
Bad reality

Poor choices

But then
A dream of an angel
A sunrise
Showed me something
His mistake
Will cost him
Not me

He is numbers and rules
Creative in no way
They are in stone

Only black and white can be seen
His mistake
3D and in vivid color

Music and songs play threw my head
That’s for children
And I may look like a man
But inside this body
There is a heart and mind
And a child runs free

Poison can only create anger and hate
But poison only works
In the rules of this world

His mistake
Yes I am here
But the child
That I let run free
My heart and mind
The things that he hates
What he is trying to poison
That is not in this world
I have my own

Some might say
But if u let me take you there
Or if you have your own
You can be like me
A child

And as for the poison
Well the best of luck
Because I am his abstract course

Will he understand me?
Because I am not of this world
And in my world
I control it
Poison has no effect there
And there are no rules

This angel
The reason I fight the poison
The strength that is given to me
She is the link

She brings life to the child in this world
And brings the world here through drawing
She is the lyrics to the songs
The words on the page
The notes and chords

The melody
That gives my life harmony
She is the blessing
To his mistake
She is the cure
He is the poison
And I am in love

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