Open to Real

February 4, 2008
By Casey Hudak, Orinda, CA

Harvested tears wipe away years of profane prayers from throbbing hearts.
Snide snipers of insane circles shooting down colums of human thought.
No pain without gain proves peace a prattled promise from forgone days.
Rays refracted from shards of shattered hope lie pell mell on ashen snows.
Cold fires turn spires of knowledge into pires of regret, powerless to stop the tide of time.
Regress at your own risk into the darkness of ignorance, never to find the light of day.
Morphed into mindless monsters bound to fleeting fantasies born of forsaken grandeur.
Free yourself from modern shakles of repressed dreams and walk in the twightlight between.
Yesteryear is gone and the future is foreign, only the present is open to real.

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