you dont know

May 12, 2011
broken windows
shattered glass
just waiting for the agonizing day to pass
the gloomy sorrow
just hoping for tomorrow
hoping for a brand new day
where the sky is blue and not this thick dusted gray
but nothing changes
it always stays the same
im sick and tired of playing your stupid game
the game in which i always lose
i am who i am no matter what you may say
and im gonna be like that everyday
im sorry i dont fit your standards
im sorry that i dont starve my self to be skinny
and im apoligize that i dont drown my self in makeup so people cant see the real me
like you
the dream every boy wants to come true
but for the record
i will stand
i will always be the most beautiful in the land
you cant change that you can try
but youll start asking your self why,,,
i am me cant you see

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