May 12, 2011
By christoperson SILVER, Spokane, Washington
christoperson SILVER, Spokane, Washington
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You are my cohort.
I will forever remember
The feeling of sinking
Into you, my patriot.
Weighing onto my brain, like antlers.
I can continue to dream.

And as I continue to dream,
Of you, my simple cohort,
I will feel the pain of my antlers,
I will come to remember.
And never will I forget my patriot,
The art of forever sinking.

Into strange waters, I'll be sinking.
It'll feel just as real as my reoccuring dream
Of falling for you again and again, patriot.
My daring, my pure cohort.
And I will ask you if you ever remember
How it was to see my heavy antlers.

Breaking my neck, my antlers,
They are the reason I'll always be sinking.
And the time I've wasted remembering to remember
A time that can only exist, now in a dream.
My precious cohort,
Will you sink with me, patriot?

Please understand, worthless patriot,
I am not strong enough for these antlers.
Do you ever feel them, cohort?
Do you ever find that you are sinking
Into me, into a dream?
I wish I could get you to remember.

For the life of me, I can't help but remember
The days spent with you, my patriot.
They are now merely a dream.
Imagine me, without my antlers.
Forgetting what it was to be sinking.
To have to go on without you, cohort.

You are my cohort, the one I remember.
The one I am sinking into, my patriot.
Oh, these antlers, the pain is more than my dream.

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