A Wish

February 4, 2008
By Annie Cockrell, Glenview, IL

Some nights, when I feel especially insignificant
I’ll open a window, stare out at the great, white moon,
And wish.

I wish for the freedom to always be me
I wish my Constitutional rights would not be taken away
I wish for the freedom to be able to say that two and two is five
I wish that no one would be able to force me to pray

I wish for the single mother to have enough food for her children
I wish the underprivileged people on the streets would have a home
I wish for no one to go to bed hungry
I wish for no one to be alone

I wish for peace-though I’m too cynical to believe it’ll come true
I wish my friends would learn to love
I wish the world would learn to accept each other
I wish to always be enough

It’s only after this
That I shut my window
Crawl back into bed
And sleep, waiting for the sweet dreams I know will never come

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