who am I?

May 12, 2011
No one really knows me; to be honest I don’t even know me. We all live this thing called life and life is one big puzzle and we are supposed to fill in the missing pieces. Some of us are care free and others work hard to get the best “life” they can but then you have me. Me, I’m in the middle I guess. I try, but sometimes not hard enough or I give up to quickly. So what does that make me? Lazy? A coward? I’m not really sure what or who I am. Life is one big confusing process yet we all try to make the most of it. But I stand here and wonder who am I? what am I suppose to be doing? Life doesn’t really make sense to me, I try hard but nothing seems to work out. All I have in my life is something called hope. Hope for the best. Hope for love. Hope to find the right thing to do.

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